Starting Jan 26th - Friendship Training

Friendship Crew, as we move ahead and continue to increase our time underway it is clear that training is a vital element in the safe operation of Friendship.

Since October 2007, a small committee of staff and volunteers has been working to develop a training plan for our crew, called The Seamanship Standards of Training (SST). This program is ready for implementation, with the goal of ensuring safe, consistent and effective operations by offering regular training and assessment opportunities for our crew

SST will consist of training sessions to provide extensive information on the safe operation of Friendship and opportunities for individuals to demonstrate their knowledge. By attending these trainings, and demonstrating proficiency in the material presented, crew will be able to obtaining ratings of “hand,” “ordinary” and “able-bodied.”

All crew are encouraged to participate in the training sessions. Achievement of a certain rating will not be a requirement to sail. However, the rating system will most likely be used to determine watch assignments underway and, if we ever have more available crew than berths, to help choose among sailing crew.

Training sessions will begin on January 26th 2008, as part of the Saturday work session, and will continue at least once a month through May. The schedule of training, along with a brief description of the material that will be covered in each training session, will be posted and updated as required, on the web site.

Training will be provided by staff and volunteers, in three major areas; Safety, Seamanship and Navigation.

A tracking sheet, to be maintained by each volunteer, for the various areas of training will be available on the web site. Upon completion of the requirements shown on this sheet, obtainment of the rating will be noted in the Volunteer database.

Listed below is the tentative schedule for training. It will be refined in the upcoming weeks:

Chart work
Electronic Navigation
Sat. Jan. 26, 2008, 0900-1300
Seamanship/Ship Handling
Sail Handling:
Sat. Feb. 23, 2008
SafetySat. Mar. 22, 2008
Watch Responsibilities
Situation Awareness
State of Ship
Weds. Apr. 23, 2008
Buoyage & Rules of the Road (ColRegs)Sat. Apr. 26, 2008
Docking/AnchoringWeds. May 21, 2008
Radar & VHF RadioSat. May. 24, 2008
Marlinespike SeamanshipDate NOT Defined
Small Boat HandlingDate NOT Defined
EngineeringDate NOT Defined
HousekeepingDate NOT Defined
Galley & Galley SafetyDate NOT Defined

It cannot be overstated that obtaining training and the knowledge it provides is the responsibility of each individual. It is important for that person while ensuring the safety of the shipmates and ship.