Friendship of Salem

"This site provides operational information regarding the activities of Volunteers of the National Park Service's 'Friendship of Salem'. It is open to the public in many areas to inform what volunteers do to support the ship and provide a means for those so inclined to become a volunteer.

The 'Friendship of Salem' is a full size reproduction of the 1797 Salem merchant (Indiaman) full-rigged ship built by National Park Service with the support of the Salem Partnership. The 'Friendship of Salem' was built with modern materials which look old yet provide far more strength than 1797 materials. The design includes many hidden modern systems such as twin diesels, hydraulic steering, mechanized capstan and fire suppression systems. The 'Friendship of Salem' is permanently berthed at Derby Wharf at Salem Maritime National Historic Site."


Keel Laid:November 1996
Overall Length:171 feet bowsprit to spanker boom
Hull Length:116 feet transom to figurehead
Hull Beam:30 feet
Hull Height:20 feet keel to deck at amidships
Paint Colors:Hull: Black with cream/yellow trim; On-Deck: green, black, and red; copper below waterline
Figurehead:Woman in classical dress offering a bouquet of flowers
Main Mast Height:120 feet to keel, 106 above main deck
Longest Spar:Main yard, 52 feet 8 inches
Shortest Spar:Mizzen royal yard, 14 feet
Length of Rigging:17 miles
Number of Sails:17 (11 Square and 6 Fore and Aft)
Sail Area:8,712 square feet (.2 acres)